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Automation for Consulting Firms Adding value to client projects

What is this?

We turn ideas into repeatable process, or specifically, your consulting projects into automated statistical applications. Client projects can be automated and streamlined into a thinking, mathematically - computing application.

We work within your proprietary methodology, and create an application that not only runs the complex math needed in your project, but it makes judgement calls just like your analysts do. This can turn a four-day project into a six-hour engagement - with most of the remaining time being spent meeting with your client.

Our Models help clients unearth problems they were unaware of




Enhance your Recommendations


Your methodology used to streamline projects, standardize deliverables, and reduce labor required
Apps find issues and talking points in your client’s operations - opening the door for you to sell follow-up projects

Recommendations to create forward-looking predictive models - with substantial upselling opportunity
Use project deliverables and recommendations to create forward-looking predictive models - opening substantial upselling opportunities for existing projects
Ensure clients follow your recommendations and methodology - after the project has completed
Use pre-built applications to completely automate the statistical analysis of survey data - no statistician required


We will create an application that automates the analysis in a project - automating both mathematical analysis and judgmental decision-making. This can turn a 4-day project into an engagement costing you just a few hours - with most of that remaining time spent in client meetings.

Automation also helps your firm move towards productization - a quickly growing trend that clients are expecting more from service providers. It’s even possible to create an application that you can sell - for additional revenue!

Lastly, offering an automated application allows you to hold deeper, more profitable relationships with your clients.

  • Realtime reporting and dashboards
  • Ensure that clients are following your methodology, even after you leave
  • Create hooks within the application for you to monitor your client - opening up new sales leads and project opportunities


You want to identify a project type that you do often, and with success. For example, a sales consulting firm might choose Sales Pipeline Forecasting, a nonprofit management consulting firm might predict the best donors to target, and an operations-focused consultancy would benchmark cost centers against each other (using some advanced "apples-to-oranges" benchmark methods).


BSA will take your proprietary methodology, and convert it into an application that thinks just like your analysts. Not only can the application complete complex math, but we will program it to make decisions and judgment calls. All this packaged with in intuitive user interface that requires minimal training, and anyone can use.


The program either stays internal to your team (cellular consultants can use the output for their final presentations), or the program is used directly by your clients, as a paid service. Either way, the user simply uploads the needed data (or in many cases, the system simply refreshes data feed in real time), and the application returns results in plain English. There you export charts, cross tables, or other visualizations directly into a project PowerPoint.

How do we start?

Starting is easy. First, schedule a meeting with BSA, with a defined project or analysis that you would like to automate. We walk through it with you, and help you think of ways to monetize your process-by saving money, creating a source of monthly cash flow, and opening new consulting opportunities in your existing clients.