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CASE STUDIES CRM System to Support Management Consultancy

  • Consultancy advises nonprofit clients on how to develop sales (donations) and leads
  • BSA advised on revenue model, and programmed analytics package
  • Client uses software to upsell and support their existing services

The Situation

A prominent management consulting firm in the nonprofit sector, Bristol Strategy Group helps nonprofits optimize their development efforts, using their proprietary SMARTway methodology.

The Problem

Bristol Strategy Group needed a way to support their existing advisory services. For years, they taught clients to manage their development (sales) team and organize the donation funnel, in a way that was unsupported by current CRM tools. Without these tools, clients often had difficulty using the methodology post-engagement. Thus, BSG had a legitimate business interest in developing an analytics package on top of existing CRM tools, which would help clients adapt to their proprietary methods.

The Solution

To help support Bristol’s existing services portfolio, BSA first took time to determine how Bristol could use analytics to support and grow their existing services portfolio. Our focus was on finding ways for them to sell more of the services they already offer, to minimize risk. Additionally, we were looking for ways to “lock in” customers, ensuring Bristol receives more revenue from each account, over a longer period of time.

Once a business plan was prepared, BSA developed an analytics package that used Bristol’s SMARTway methodology to track donations and development efforts. This application was completely web based (SaaS), worked with existing CRM applications, and utilized state-of-the-art charting and reporting functionality.