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While most consultancies are simply trying to understand analytics, BSA is revolutionizing how analysis is done, by developing our own tools and methodologies- making data science and research affordable for even smaller organizations. Our streamlined methodology allows smaller organizations and non-profits to compete effectively against Fortune 500 rivals.

We are equipped to build a detailed assessment of your business operations, from direct observation and interactions of your team, all the way through detailed analysis of your key performance indicators. We also offer specialized training to empower your management team to collect and analyze data science themselves and develop better operations.

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Since 2015, Business Science Associates has been helping organizations implement analytics to improve their operations. We specialize in:

  • Internal Group Development (Business Assessments, Analytics Process Improvement)

  • Data Science & Analytics Consulting 

  • Research & Data Services (Market Research, Secondary Investigative Research Services) 

Analytics is more than just reports. A profitable analytics department allows an organization to use operational analysis, marketing and sales (CRM) data, and market research/survey results to guide future strategy and tactical decisions. Organizations of all sizes (especially SMBs) can implement advanced data science and research services.


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Hurricane & Energy Modeling 

The Situation:
In the event of a commercial petroleum supply disruption, the United States can turn to the emergency stockpiles of petroleum products managed by the Department of Energy's Office of Petroleum Reserves (OPR).  The mission of the OPR is to protect the United States from severe petroleum supply interruptions through the acquisition, storage, distribution and management of emergency petroleum stocks and to carry out U.S. obligations under the International Energy Program.  The OPR manages three stockpiles: the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the Northeast Home Heating Oil Reserve, and the Northeast Gasoline Supply Reserve. OPR also manages the Naval Petroleum and Oil Shale Reserves.

The Problem:
When a hurricane strikes in the Gulf Coast (between Corpus Christi, TX and Pensacola, FL), the United States' energy supply becomes threatened -  As the probability of landfall is assumed, the affected refineries shut down and pipelines slow down the flow of refined gasoline. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve requires a predicable method of forecasting how the nation's energy infrastructure will be affected by wildly unpredictable weather events - even before a storm makes landfall.

The Solution:
Business Science Associates helps the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) update and maintain a complex statistical model - which utilizes geographic, meteorological, and statistical analysis to predict how the nation's energy supply will become affected by a storm.  Our statistical analysis uses past hurricane events, as well as a fundamentals (bottom-up) approach to determine what the shortfall in production will be.  This is used by SPR leadership to determine, if any, how much oil should be released from the reserves, to ensure consistent supply and provide a powerful response option to shortages in crude.

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